Why Two Centuries Investments?

We serve to protect asset owners from the problems that ruin investing: low portfolio returns and large crashes.

Our mission is to compound your capital without interruption over the long-run, by capturing market upside while protecting against unexpected downside risk.


What We Do

We design high quality investment solutions that stand the test of time and serve your capital for decades to come. We are committed to security and growth with superior returns and significant reduction in risk.



  • Investment success through practical innovation and creativity

  • Informed by data, experience, and a lot of common sense

  • Strength in resilience. Independence in thinking. Integrity in action.





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Mikhail Samonov


Mikhail has been a quantitative portfolio manager for over 15 years with a demonstrated track record of innovation and performance. His prior roles included managing more than $5 billion in quantitative equities for PineBridge Investments, including $1 billion in a Socially Responsible…


Mike Fernandez


Mike is responsible for client engagement, communication and on-boarding. In his prior role, Mike completed an internship, with BigSur Partners, as a portfolio and research analyst. Mike received his MBA from Miami Business School where he focused on Finance and Investments, receiving…



John Toohey


John has 20 years of investment experience and 30 years of financial services industry experience. Over his career, he has appeared as a subject matter expert on television and radio, spoken at conferences, and presented investment insights to pension funds, insurance companies, and endowments. Most recently…

Malcolm Smith


Malcolm is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management and consulting industry, with a range of professional skills in securities, asset management, management, marketing. Board-level experience in both corporate and non-profit…



Investors face the total portfolio challenge: static strategies experience large crash risk or low returns.

Dynamic investing has evolved to solve this problem, becoming the new frontier of portfolio management.

US Stocks

Active investing has been commoditized by the same approaches, data and factors.

We deliver alpha using rare alternative data to evaluate critical aspects of companies not measured by traditional data.