12 Quant Business Practices to Improve

  1. Only showing the latest backtest versions without disclosing their out-of-sample degradation

  2. Backtesting today’s static holdings (managers, asset allocations, sub-asset-classes) into the past - filled with look-ahead bias

  3. Charging fees that are on par with the tracking error of the strategy

  4. Asking candidates at job interviews to reveal ‘interesting new factors and data-sets’

  5. Publishing quant ideas, methods, and factors that you would not actually use to manage assets

  6. Factor explaining someone’s alpha - is a feat in attribution models, not factor investing

  7. Taking out track records of under-performing strategies from third-party performance databases

  8. Moving track-records to another category to improve rankings

  9. Using live-only strategies to demonstrate that a certain type of managers has alpha - add back dead / inactive strategies (eVestment has point-in-time data)

  10. Showing 10-year expected return forecasts on a monthly frequency - not implementable

  11. Non-disclosing portfolio managers’ percent of personal wealth (or corresponding asset class allocation) invested in their own strategies

  12. Not setting bonuses based on cumulative since inception performance