Two Centuries Investments is an Asset Management company based in Princeton, New Jersey. Through education, academic research, and proprietary modelling, we create high quality investment solutions and strategies that are meant to stand the test of time, serving clients for decades to come. 

Our Mission

Enable freedom from the stress and anxiety typically associated with financial markets, by applying a disciplined, innovative and time-tested approach to investing. Our Goal is to generate significant wealth compounding over time by enabling the investment portfolio’s uninterrupted growth, adjusting dynamically to various market cycles and environments, compounding at higher risk-adjusted rates of return than typical static portfolios.

OuR Strategies

Total Portfolio Solution

  • Dynamically re-balanced multi-asset total return strategy.

  • Designed to addresses the greatest risks of investing: large crashes and low returns.

  • Unlike static asset allocations (such as “Simple 60/40” or “Over-diversified with Alternatives” Portfolios), dynamic solution aims to capture market upside while significantly reducing the downside crash risk.

  • Our proprietary model dynamically allocates capital to low cost global equity markets and fixed income ETF’s, systematically adapting allocations to changing risk and expected returns.

  • Full liquidity, no lock ups, low fees, implemented in separately managed accounts.

  • Available in Socially Responsible implementation.


Academic Research

“Two Centuries of Price Momentum” - Geczy, Samonov, Financial Analysts Journal (2016)

“Two Centuries of Multi-Asset Momentum” - Geczy, Samonov, SSRN (2017)

“Two Centuries of Commodity Futures Premia” - Geczy, Samonov, SSRN (2019)