Active investing has been commoditized by the same approaches, data and factors.

We deliver alpha using rare alternative data to evaluate companies intangible capital not measured by traditional data.

Focused Quality

Quantitative US Equity

  • Objective: Deliver exceptional returns over medium-term horizons by systematically investing in high-quality U.S. companies with strong intangible moats.

  • Unlike traditional active equity strategies, Focused Quality relies entirely on alternative data sources.

  • A differentiated low turnover, high active-share strategy targets 13-15% return with 4-6% alpha vs S&P500 over a market cycle.

  • Model portfolio invests in 50-60 well-known U.S. companies based on the quality of their key intangible assets such as brand and reputation, leadership quality, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and social responsibility.

  • Securely delivered with transparency, liquidity and convenience via separately managed accounts.

Our thoughts on quantitative investing: